Next Showcase

Live Showcase Details Our next showcase is taking place: [php] include ‘/home/clubbandcrm/public_html/contact_form/showcases.php’;[/php] Time: 8:00pm onwards You’re welcome you to attend one of our special live showcase nights where you can meet the band, and watch us perform live. Attending our showcase is the best way to get a feel for our vibe and professionalism, and see for yourself the standard of quality you can expect at your event. It will also help determine what band size or lineup will suit you best. Music starts at 7.00pm, and feel free to let us know you’re coming via our front page form, so we can introduce ourselves and answer any of your questions.

Dinner at the Live Showcase

Our showcase venue was chosen not just because it’s a funky space but also because they serve fantastic food and drinks. Why not make it a night out with friends or family? Hope to see you there! Click here to enquire and attend a showcase! (If you’ve already enquired, you can simply email us to let us know you’re coming).