"Film recognises neither time nor space, only the limits of our imagination"

Nicholas Ray

Sophie & Joe
While sometimes we’ll use the tripod, this wedding called for free hold. I Love the organic feel that it brings. Shout out to Josh Dobrik for all your awesome help with this. It’s counter intuitive, but a small amount of jiggle helps put the viewer in the scene. I personally love this effect, it’s all about creating a spontaneous, intimate atmosphere - feeling as close to being there as possible.

Jessica & Andrew
This was a journey to a private family property secreted away from the world! Mainly shot with the 24-70 which I absolutely love, most of this work is set on a tripod with less walking and movement. The tripod makes everything more serene and cinematic. The 7 piece band really rocked this reception. Thanks to Beth Cole for helping out on this shoot!

Chenoa & Shel
For this shoot we journeyed to Tangalooma Island off the coast of South east Queensland. A torrential downpour didn't dampen spirits, and for film, I actually like the atmosphere rain provides. Drones aren’t allowed on the island, but there's always a way to get those stunning scenic shots. The sun revealed itself a few times, and we made the most of that!

Shantell & Matthew
The mist was cascading down the mountains this day, making it super easy to show off the location with the drone. An overcast day gives you excellent light if your balances are set correctly, getting this wrong is probably the biggest trap inexperienced videographers fall into. We had heaps of fun coming up with ideas on location - the bridal party were total comedians. A really fun one!

Allison & Wade
This wedding was set in a remote place ages from anywhere along the Murray River. The serenity was interspersed with chasing speedboats which would occasionally rocket up the river with waterskiers in tow. The venue was a charming family holiday house near the river, easy to film. Everyone was so relaxed and setting came up nice on the drone.

Meredith & Tim
I never get sick of country weddings, they're just a lovely breath of fresh air. These guys wanted to capture the natural beauty of the setting as it had a personal resonance with them, so this was very much a documentary style, we walked around the grounds and talked about all sorts of deep and meaningful things while we captured the footage. An unexpected D&M with new friends.

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Every videography package includes a beautiful 3-5 min highlights feature film, full of striking moments, as well as an edit of vows and speeches. I also create a fun 30-60 sec insta edit for you to share.

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