"Film recognises neither time nor space, only the limits of our imagination"

Nicholas Ray

Rhian & William
While sometimes we’ll use the Tripod, this wedding called for free hold. I Love the organic feel that it brings. Shout out to Josh Dobrik for all your awesome help with this. It’s counter intuitive, but a small about of jiggle helps put the viewer in the scene. I personally love this effect, it’s all about creating a spontaneous, intimate atmosphere - feeling as close to being there as possible.

Rhiana & Jules
This was a journey to a private family property secreted away from the world! Mainly shot with the 24-70 which I absolutely love, most of this work is set on a tripod with less walking and movement. The tripod makes everything more serene and cinematic. Thanks to Beth Cole for helping out on this shoot!

Shantelle & John
For this shoot we journeyed to Tangalooma Island off the coast of South east Queensland. It rained most of the time but from a film perspective, I actually like atmosphere the rain provides. The drones aren’t allowed on the island because of the Helicopters ferrying people around, but there was enough good stuff going on that it didn’t matter. There were a couple of moments were the sun revealed itself and we made the most of it.

Girls on the Beach
This was a trip down to Green Bowl beach in Bali in between shoots with my Daughters. I went looking for bohemian style matching dresses but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so I had them custom made. The day was perfect and yep the water was really that blue! Although after the 350 steps down back up we were ready for a coconut on the cliff. Girls had a great time trashing the dresses too :)

Courtney & Brenton
This wedding was set in a remote place ages from anywhere along the Murray River. The serenity was interspersed with chasing speedboats which would occasionally rocket up the river with waterskiers in tow. The venue was a charming family holiday house near the river, easy to film. Everyone was so relaxed and setting came up nice on the drone.

Leah & Grisel
2 Guesses for where this is. No matter how many times I shoot here I never get sick of seeing the Opera House and the Harbour bridge. The sunny days are always the best for weddings but pose a challenge when shooting on the go. This day was super bright so I donned my variable ND filters to control the light. I also had a second shooter with me to help out with different angles.Oh, and the band were cooking - the dance floor was really happening. I made a little insta edit here.

Molly & James
This wedding was way down in Alowyn Gardens nestled deep in the Yarra Valley east of Melbourne. My favorite part of this wedding was the bridal waltz. I used a 35mm Sigma art lens and got in really close to create a super intimate vibe. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were part of the dance. The 35mm is great for that. The biggest technical challenge was filming the 4 black cars. I drove in the 5th car following whilst directing the drivers (and my driver) on the the phone! With the insta edits I had heaps of choices, but in the end went for the the scene when walking back down the isle. The rose petals are too hard to resist at super slow mo 100 FPS - it always look awesome.

Jodie & Jake
Another beautiful river wedding, set this time on the Brisbane river upstream from the City. After speeches, it was all about the dancing. I used the 50mm Sigma for this but for some of the ceremony shots I used my trusty canon 70 - 200. These guys were great and we had fun all the way. On a side, I found some lovely ladies blowing bubbles in the sunset and managed to get it in super slow motion. Enjoy!

Novita & David
Traveling is the best part of filming and it kind of rules shooting down in the South east of Bali! Part of this video includes a pre wedding shoot on the beach which was a great way to get to know the couple. We mainly used a 50mm portrait lens for those intimate shots. The wider shots I used the super versitile Canon 24 - 70. My favourite moment at this wedding was the family ceremony bonding the Bride and Groom through prayer ritual. Ending the night will giant sparklers is also cool :)


To capture the essence of a wedding day through moving image, videography, film, cinematography or whatever name you prefer, there are 3 things:

The first is Technique. This is the craft part. The right tools - drones, camera, lenses, gimbals, editing skills are essential, and so is meticulous and methodical preparation born out of a passion to create the best result.

The second is something beautiful to shoot. By beauty we mean not just aesthetics, but something that tells us about who we are as humans. Something that tells a story about who we are.

Lastly, the filmmaker needs to appreciate their subject. To show every joy, love, excitement, nervous anticipation, relief, and intimacy, the videographer needs to invest in the moments.

We shoot weddings because each one is a lifelong story with a wholly unique set of circumstances leading to that point. That makes it beautiful. There is no other day which so deliberately and so intentionally celebrates the splendour of humanity - of love, family, friends and commitment to each other. No other creature can know that except for us humans. That is worth capturing. Of all the weddings we've filmed over the years, there's one common thread: every person is beautiful and every wedding is precious.

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